How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Lockdown

How to Celebrate Valentine's in Lockdown

 That's right, another annual celebration spent at home! 

 While some of your may already be rolling your eyes ('cos let's face it, Valentine's is a love it or hate it kind of occasion), at least this year it's an excuse to do something a little bit different! Plus, it falls on a Sunday, so chances are you would have been sat around watching TV anyway.

 Whether you're locked in with your better half or your friends & family, we've got some fun ideas to give you something to look forward to!

Pancakes (and Other Breakfast Treats)

 Start your day the right way with a tasty breakfast! If you've got the skills or could do with some practice before Pancake Day (which is only two days later!), then whip up some batter and get flipping! We'd suggest making little heart shapes, but really who's got the spare time (oh, wait).

 There is no shame in pre-made here, though! Toaster waffles, pancakes and ready-to-eat pastries are all sure to hit the spot. Present your choice with lashings of syrup, cream, berries, chocolate and anything else that they love! Personally, it's all about French toast with bacon and maple syrup. Check out our foolproof recipe below:


  • 4 eggs
  • 2/3 cups of milk
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • Butter
  • 8 slices of bread

(Optional): Maple Syrup, Bacon


(1.) Whisk eggs, milk and cinnamon until well blended. (2.) Melt some butter in a a large frying pan on a high heat. (3.) Soak slices of bread in the egg mixture, ensuring both sides are covered. Be careful not to over soak the bread as it may fall apart. (4.) Fry the bread until brown on both sides, flipping occasionally. (5.) Serve with drizzled maple syrup and crispy bacon.

Get Creative

 There's plenty of ways to get creative with your other half whilst staying at home, though we're just going to skim past the bedroom antics here...

 We're thinking of family-friendly activities that you can do during the day! This Valentine's is the perfect day to dust off the old lego, dig out that puzzle or get making with something you can do together! Turn up some tunes, clear a space and idle the afternoon away. Many of us have done nothing but the above lately, though today's the day to do it together. Host a baking competition, plan a new gallery wall with your favourite photos or order yourselves a craft kit for the big day! Bonus points if you can make something you can keep as a memento of Valentine's Lockdown 2021!

L'Occitane Spa Day

Spa the Day Away

 Ditch the potential spinal injuries and steer away from playing 'pro masseur' with each other and instead opt for the spa experience (foot rubs are permitted). 

 Burn some wax melts or your favourite candle, pop those dressing gowns on and get to reclining! Face masks, hair masks, foot masks - All are encouraged here! Make a nice cup of herbal tea or treat yourselves to a little mimosa if you're feeling fancy. 

(Have the mimosa.)

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Dinner for Two

 Have something special for dinner! The choices are endless when it comes to romantic meals, though we're focusing more on the how than the what! No matter what you serve, you can jazz that dish up and set the mood regardless!

 Dress up your dinner table with candles, the good plates, napkins and anything else you have on hand. Turn the lights down low or use subtle lighting (no-one wants to eat in the dark, now). Hang up some string lights, switch off the TV and enjoy each others company. Have 3 courses. Have 5. Anything goes! Dress up, try your hand at cocktail making or just grab your favourite bottle. 

 If you're giving each other presents, we think now is the best time! Even if it's something small, doing it around the table with some candles will add a little extra excitement and give you both something to look forward to. 

Have (Another) Movie Night!

 We're talking the full works. End your evening with your favourite movie or something you've both been wanting to watch. If you can't decide, mix some titles up in a bowl and pull out your entertainment! Popcorn is recommended. 

 Snuggle up together on the sofa or make a luxurious mountain of pillows and blankets that you can crawl under. Don't be scared to rearrange furniture or climb straight into bed with drinks and snacks to hand. 

 Game Night

 If all else fails, add a competitive edge to the evening! Dust-off the board games or grab your favourite console for a gaming marathon! If you haven't played Mario Kart after a couple of glasses of wine, you're truly missing out.

If you can already feel the monopoly-fuelled rage building at the thought of competitive play, stick to something cooperative! There are so many great games that everyone can enjoy! 

 Ultimately, it's down to you to get creative! If you are stuck for gift ideas, head to our Valentine's Day collection for a fabulous range!

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