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What makes Soruka bags and accessories so unique? Is it the fact that they are made from environmentally friendly leather? Or perhaps it is the Fair-Trade and artisanal practices used in their creation. Let's take a closer look...

Upon first inspection, you may think Soruka simply designs vibrant accessories with lots of animal print. With such a large variety of shapes and sizes, it'd be easy not to notice the unique differences in every item. The reality is, there's a whole lot more to this ethical brand than initially meets the eye.

Founded in 2017, Soruka is on a mission to create a zero-waste platform within the fashion industry. Every item is designed in Barcelona and then handcrafted by a small group of artisans in India, but that's not all. Following a commitment to create leather goods in a sustainable way, Soruka uses leftover or scrap leather that would otherwise have gone to waste. Whether old retail stock or factory waste, the unwanted leather is given a new lease of life as part of a Soruka collection.

The sourcing of leather in this way offers a unique and admirable blend of charm and sustainability. It is impossible to create two identical bags in this way, offering every piece in the collection a unique blend of colours, shades and textures. Every single item Soruka produces is 100% unique and unrepeatable.

If you aren't intrigued already, there's more. At its backbone, Soruka prioritise ethical practices and actively support the Fair-Trade movement. Each piece in any given collection is made using traditional techniques by small, independent artisans in rural communities in India. Little to no machinery is used, keeping energy consumption low and preserving timeless craftsmanship. These partnerships allow the artisans to remain within their communities and not migrate to larger urban areas. With Soruka, they can grow their business and production capabilities all whilst supporting their families with a fair wage.

It is no understatement to say that to know Soruka is to love it. It is a brand that must be discovered in real life to truly appreciate its many collections. It is made for handling and admiring every detail, from every expertly stitched piece to every charming imperfection. Soruka woos its growing group of admirers with stunning animal prints and vibrant colours, effortlessly growing its fanbase as the brand develops. 

As an official stockist, we hold a variety of designs and shapes in stock, both online and in our Totnes store. Every item is truly desirable and makes for a wonderful gift or accessory for yourself. If you are looking to buy Soruka products in the UK, look no further.

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