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 So we’ve gone a little bit mad for pop icons here! Our latest collection features the likes of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Madonna, Elton John and many more! These incredible artist have impacted and touched so many of us, we couldn’t help but celebrate their lives across a stylish range of products!

 With that in mind, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for some quick facts about them that you probably didn't know!

Freddie Mercury

 Icon, legend, God of rock. Freddie Mercury is one of the most iconic and recognisable artists in the world. Known for his extraordinary vocals and flamboyant performances, we're kicking things off with the lead singer of Queen!

THE HECTICS: Before Queen, Freddie was the lead vocalist of a school band! The Hectics formed whilst Freddie and his four bandmates were all students in an English boarding school in India! 

THE QUEEN CREST: Not only was Freddie an extremely talented vocalist, he was also skilled in art and design! Graduating from Ealing Art College, Freddie later went on to design his band's logo, the Queen crest!

CATS: Freddie adored his cats, going as far as to dedicate a song to one of them, 'Delilah'! He would often phone home to specially talk to them whilst he was away! Who can blame him, we love our furry friends!


 There's no one quite like Madonna! Endlessly reinventing her style, the 'Material Girl' singer has had an extremely varied and exciting career!

DONUTS: Before her rise to fame, Madonna once worked at Dunkin' Donuts! She was allegedly fired for squirting jam in someone's face... I'll guess we'll never know the full details on that one!

RECORD BREAKING: Over the years, Madonna has racked up quite the collection of records and achievements! According to the Guinness World Records, she's both the most successful and best-selling female vocalist of all time!

Elton John

 If you've seen 2019's biopic, 'Rocket Man', then you'll already know some fabulous facts about this great musician. (If you haven't seen the film, you really do need to!)

BILLY: During his career Elton composed music for a selection of films, such as the Lion King! Did you know he also composed the music for the hit film 'Billy Elliot'? Billy was played by Jamie Bell in the film, who later went on to act in 'Rocket Man' portraying Elton's writing partner, Bernie Taupin! 

HIP HOP: A frequent collaborator, Elton has worked with many artists over the years, featuring on some excellent singles from notable hip hop artists, such as Eminem's 'Stan' and Kanye West's 'All of the Lights'!

David Bowie

 Another of our most iconic artists, David Bowie was celebrated for his many different personas! 

NOT A MONKEE: Did you know Bowie changed his name so that he wouldn't be confused with one of The Monkees? Born David Jones, he made the change due to already existing artist Davy Jones!

SPACE ODDITY: Bowie's first major hit in the UK couldn't have had a better release date! Only nine days after it's release, the BBC went on to play the song over it's live coverage of the Apollo 11 launch! See, we said he was iconic!

 So, did you learn anything new?! Let us know your interesting facts about pop icons and whether we missed your favourite!

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