Avo Nice Day Shampoo Bar

Avo Nice Day Shampoo Bar

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Avo wonderful shower with this nourishing shampoo bar! Rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, this avocado butter formulation can add shine and gloss to your hair as it moisturises root to tip! With pure cedarwood and rosemary essential oils, this bar is sure to warm the senses - and it's paraben and silicone free!

For Dry Hair

Lasts Approx. 80-100 Washes

Directions for Use

Wet your hair as normal in the bath or shower. Using wet hands, rub the shampoo bar into the palm of your hair until a soft lather is formed. Rub the lather into your hair and massage into your head and scalp. Rinse hair well after use.