Freddy the Fox Body Warmer

Freddy the Fox Body Warmer

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Heat up and hug! This adorable microwaveable heat pack offers a long-lasting warmth that will both relax and soothe any aches and pains. With real lavender buds inside, this charming character will release an aromatic fragrance that is perfect for those cosy nights in!

Directions for Use

Remove microwaveable insert from the fabric and heat in a microwave following the included instructions. Replace insert into fabric cover once heated and secure with velcro fastening. Place half a cup of water inside the microwave whilst heating to assist re-hydration - be careful when removing as the contents will be hot. Ensure microwave turntable can rotate freely and is free of any grease or debris. Always read the full included instructions before use.


  • Materials: Cover, Knitted Fabric; Inside, Ceramic & Silicone Beads, Lavender Buds


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