Pokémon TCG: Rayquaza V Battle Deck

Pokémon TCG: Rayquaza V Battle Deck

Pokémon TCG: Rayquaza V Battle Deck

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Swoop from the Sky - with Rayquaza V!

The return of the dragon types in the Pokemon TCG brings this deck featuring the fearsome Rayquaza V.

Dragon Pulse and Spiral Burst attacks are sure to lead your team to victory with help from Gym Leader Gordie - harness the Fire and Lightning energy with this perfectly balanced deck.


Contents: 1 ready to play 60 card deck, 3 reference cards, 1 TCG official rule booklet, 1 single player play mat, Damage Counters, 1 Large Metallic Coin, 1 Deck Box, 1 Quick Guide for strategy planning, 1 code card to play this deck online.

Deck Contents: Rayquaza V x 1, Lanturn x 2, Chinchou x 3, Volcarona x 2, Larvesta x 3, Thundurus x 2, Manectric x 1, Electrike x 2, Simisear x 2, Pansear x 3, Dan x 2, Energy Retrieval x 1, Energy Search x 2, Escape Rope x 2, Evolution Incense x 2, Gordie x 1, Great Ball x 4, Gym Trainer x 2, Hop x 4, Potion x 2, Sonia x 1, Fire Energy x 8, Lightning Energy x 8.


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